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Ramadan 2020: The story of prophet Lot and the downfall of Sodom

Prophet Lot kept on enduring because of the mischievous ways and unnatural conduct of the individuals around him, yet he persistently kept on conveying his message. He called the individuals to surrender their evil behavior and comply with the One God, adoring Him alone.  However, the townspeople kept on ridiculing and deprecate Lot, and even insulted him by moving him to bring God’s torment upon them.

“Bring God’s torment upon us if you are one of the truthful.” (Quran 29:29)

Lot was overpowered with despair and entreated God to allow him triumph over these individuals, who carried out incredible wrongdoings and acted unnaturally.

At the hour of Lot’s conjuring, the detachments (blessed messengers) were with Prophet Abraham so they educated him regarding their crucial Lot and his people.  They stated,

“And when Our messengers [i.e., angels] came to Abraham with the good tidings, they said, “Indeed, we will destroy the people of that [i.e., Lot’s] city. Indeed, its people have been wrongdoers.” (Quran 29:31)

Abraham was apprehensive, his nephew Lot was in the town of Sodom and it was going to be destroyed.  He said to the angels “but Lot is there!”  They answered,

“We know better who is there, we will verily save him (Lot) and his family, except his wife, she will be of those who remain behind (i.e. she will be destroyed).” (Quran 29: 32)

Famous Islamic researcher, Imam Ibn Katheer portrays that, as the detachments moved toward the towns of Sodom they met Lot’s little girl at the close by river.  She was shocked at their excellence and dreaded for them.  She prompted them to hang tight at the stream for Prophet Lot, instead of enter the town without his protection.  When Lot knew about the outsiders, he felt upset and considered how he could persuade them to sidestep the towns of Sodom and proceed on their travels.  He attempted to cause them to comprehend the idea of the townspeople yet just prevailing with regards to persuading the couriers to sit tight for dusk before entering the town.

Prophet Lot figured out how to accompany the delivery people to the security of his home; in any case, Lot’s better half sneaked out the secondary passage and immediately told the individuals that two excellent men were visitors in Lot’s home. 

The word immediately spread and before long individuals were outside Lot’s home, thumping on his entryway, requesting to see the guests.  Lot turned out to be significantly progressively troubled when he understood his significant other was liable for the group at his entryway and he begged the horde to disband and to fear the discipline of God.  He over and again spoke to them to look for sexual satisfaction in a legal manner.

“O my people!  Here are my daughters (i.e. the daughters of my nation); they are purer for you (if you marry them lawfully).  So fear God and degrade me not as regards my guests!  Is there not among you a single right-minded man?” (Quran 11:78)

The account of Lot, in both the Bible and the Quran hold momentous similarities.  However, Islam totally dismisses the thought that Prophet Lot would offer his own girls to the town’s people.  The researchers of Islam clarify that when Lot utilized “little girls” he implied the ladies of Sodom.  He was requesting that the men of Sodom look for sexual satisfaction in legitimate relationships.

In his book Stories of the Prophets, Ibn Katheer states that the town’s kin destitute down the entryway and hurried inside Lot’s home, encompassing the messengers.  Lot was frail before them yet he kept on arguing and help them to remember the abhorrence of their ways.  The town’s kin scoffed and ridiculed him saying  “Surely you know that we have neither any desire nor in need of your daughters, and indeed you know well what we want!” (Quran 11:79).  The messengers reassured Lot by saying “surely we are messengers from your Lord.” (Quran 11:81)

On hearing these words the towns individuals were apprehensive and begun to scatter, disregarding Lot and his family with the angels (blessed messengers).

The dispatchers eased the feelings of trepidation of Prophet Lot and taught him to assemble his family and leave the town of Sodom that night.  Lot strolled at the back of his family to guarantee nobody thought back on the towns of Sodom. Part’s significant other stayed behind and was harassed by the discipline alongside the transgressors and fiendish townspeople.  The Quran portrays the discipline as a terrible cry that flipped around the town and came down stones of heated clay.  (Quran 15:73-74)

The discipline came at dawn, and God stated,

“So We saved him and his family, all, except an old woman (his wife) among those who remained behind.  Then afterward We destroyed the others.  And We rained on them a rain (of torment).  And how evil was the rain of those who had been warned.  Verily, in this is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers.” (Quran 26:170-174)

Therefore, the pages were shut on the individuals of Lot.  Their names were deleted from chronicled memory.  The discipline that God guaranteed, and Prophet Lot cautioned about, occurred, for definitely God keeps His promises.  He guarantees serious discipline for the miscreants and Paradise is the award of the righteous.  Lot and his family strolled into the dawn and Quran makes reference to them no more.

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