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Ramadan 2020: The story of Prophet Lot and its relevance to 21st century.

God sent all the Prophets to their kin with one message, to love God alone and not to connect anything or anybody with Him.  However, God sent Prophet Muhammad to all of humankind.  Although his message was the equivalent, he accompanied another law, one to cover all individuals, in all spots, consistently, even into a removed future proceeding to the Day of Judgement.  The disclosure of various sections of Quran was regularly because of a specific occasion or encounters of the Prophet and his followers.  The accounts in the Quran show exercises, give the authentic foundation of mankind, and exhibit the idea of God.  The narrative of Prophet Lot is one that is especially relevant in the 21st century.

In numerous urban areas over the world, it is perilous to stroll down the avenues, even in daylight.  Murder is overflowing, characters taken, and tranquilizes abound.  Nowadays most kids in secondary school have just experienced medication clients and sellers.  Alcohol is unreservedly accessible at corner stores, despite the fact that it is answerable for the separation of families, abusive behavior at home and the erosion of society.  Pedophilia is widespread, as is kid sex entertainment and human trafficking.  Degenerate ways of life are acknowledged and even idea of as normal.  This depiction illustrates an alarming, wild world, however is it actually so not the same as the hour of Prophet Lot?

The individuals of Lot lived in a general public fundamentally the same as our own.  It was degenerate, the individuals had no disgrace, lawbreakers and crime flourished, and those going through the town of Sodom gambled theft and physical abuse.  The general climate of the town was not one of a durable society.  The individuals of Lot were without ethics, without gauges and without shame.  The homosexuality that proliferated didn’t exist in a vacuum, it was a piece of a way of life that permitted, yet additionally energized bad habit and corruption.  It was to this town that God sent Prophet Lot; his message was to revere God alone.  However, implanted in venerate are the longing and the readiness to comply with God’s commandments?  The individuals of Sodom were content with their degenerate ways and wanted to control them. Lot turned into an irritation and his words were overlooked.

Prophet Lot called the individuals to surrender their crimes and profane conduct yet they would not tune in. Lot went up against his kin and scolded them.  He brought up their defilement, their crimes and their unnatural sexual conduct.

“Will you not fear God and obey Him?  Verily!  I am a trustworthy Messenger to you.  So fear God and obey me.  No reward do I ask of you for it (my Message) my reward is only from the Lord of all that exists.” (Quran 26:161-164)

In the last 20 or 30 years, it has gotten normal to discuss homosexuality as a characteristic lifestyle, anyway as indicated by God’s law and in every one of the three superb religions, (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) this isn’t acceptable.  The new thought that homosexuality is some way or another hereditarily decided is additionally dismissed by Islam.  Quran unmistakably expresses that the individuals of Sodom were the first to rehearse this sexual abnormality.

“Do you submit such unethical behavior as nobody has gone before you with from among the universes [i.e., peoples]? Without a doubt, you approach men with want, rather than women.  Rather, you are a violating people.”

The individuals of Sodom had arrived at such a degree of debasement they not, at this point had any shame.  They would submit their unnatural demonstrations out in the open or in private.  Satan was among them, and similar to his way, he caused their activities to show up reasonable and wholesome.  When Lot demanded they change their malicious ways, they needed to drive him away, as though by calling to virtue, he was the one submitting an incredible sin.  The individuals of Sodom said to Lot, “If you cease not, O Lot!  Verily, you will be one of those who are driven out!” (Quran 26:167) Lot transparently communicated his outrage and wrath at the malicious deeds and unnatural acts and approached God to spare him and his family from the wickedness of the individuals of Sodom.

In another piece of the world, Prophet Abraham, the uncle of Prophet Lot, got three guests.  Known for his liberality, Prophet Abraham simmered a calf yet regrettably, the visitors declined to eat.  This was very unusual.  Travelers are typically ravenous and the way that these visitors rejected his liberality made Prophet Abraham very uneasy.  The visitors saw his disquiet and   attempted to put his feelings of dread to rest.  They said, “Do not be apprehensive!” (Quran 15:53) His apprehensions eased, Prophet Abraham asked his visitors what business had gotten them to his town.  They replied, “We have been sent to a people who are crooks, skeptics, polytheists, heathens”. (Quran 15:58)

The individuals of Sodom had gotten degenerate, accepting their insidious ways were acceptable.  Unfortunately, in the 21st century we have gotten so familiar with underhandedness and numbness we are not, at this point ready to react in the right manner.  We rationalize and attempt to legitimize fiendish conduct yet the truth of the matter is, when individuals consistently, and straightforwardly slight and ignore God we ought to be shocked. The blessed messengers disappeared from Prophet Abraham and advanced toward the city of Sodom, looking for Prophet Lot and his family.

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