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Ramadan 2020: Noah’s call to prophet hood and his cries at Night.

The word Prophet (Nabi in Arabic) is gotten from the word Naba, meaning news.  Revelation is given by God and, thus, the Prophet spreads the news among his people.  A Messenger, then again, is sent with a particular strategic, to pass on another appointment from God.  Every Messenger is a Prophet, yet every Prophet isn’t a Messenger. Since this was humanity’s first deviation from the right love of God as educated by Prophet Adam, God, in his endless Kindness and Mercy, satisfied His guarantee to Adam to send errand people as direction for humankind. God sent Noah, the first of His Messengers. Abu Hurairah portrayed that the Prophet Muhammad stated:

“On the day of Judgement, the people will come to Noah and say ‘Oh Noah, you are the first of the Messengers sent to earth, and God called you a thankful slave.’”(Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

Bowing down to something besides God has grave outcomes, the least of which is an absence of opportunity; for Satan oppresses man, wrecks his psyche and renders him unfit to recognize right and wrong.  When Noah cautioned his kin of the torment that anticipated them on the off chance that they didn’t surrender their excessive admiration, his admonition fell for the most part on hard of hearing ears.  Noah clarified Satan’s misdirection, yet his kin dismissed and declined to listen.  Noah cautioned them day and night; he declared his message out in the open and he talked discreetly to individuals secretly; yet all, yet a couple, denied his words.  Noah shouted out to God.

“He said: ‘O my Lord!  Verily, I have called my people night and day (secretly and openly to accept the doctrine of Islamic Monotheism), but all my calling added nothing but to their flight from the truth.  Verily!  Every time I called unto them that You might forgive them, they thrust their fingers into their ears, covered themselves up with their garments, and persisted (in their refusal), and magnified themselves in pride.” (Quran 71:5-7)

The individuals who reacted to Noah’s call were the most vulnerable and least fortunate of his kin; the pioneers and those with power reacted presumptuously and dismissed the call. They stated:

“Verily we see you in plain error” (Quran 7:60)

Noah kept on engaging his kin, for a long time and year after year.  for a long time (950 years) he persevered through their insults and joke.

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