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Puff Sleeves: Are they on a comeback?

Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are short sleeves with additional fullness at the sleeve cap and/or bicep. Either the bicep is elasticized or has a cuff. For more or less ‘puff,’ different levels of fullness can be applied.

These sleeves are made with the Dartless Sleeve Block, a derivative sleeve block. You could use the conventional Sleeve Block, but the Dartless Block saves you a couple of steps.

The Dartless Block is not tapered and lacks an elbow dart. It can also have the cutting lines indicated to save time measuring each time fullness is added. It’s time to improve your sleeve game! Simple straight-sleeved shirts and dresses are no longer the go-to options for feeling gorgeous and chic. Because fashion is ever-changing, the world is currently experiencing a more modern and elevated interpretation of the sleeve.

Fashion designers are continuously pulling influence from different time periods and cultures to produce the next big trends in sleeves, from kimono to butterfly sleeves. Among the many sleeves styles, puff sleeves stand out due to their adaptability.

The sleeve is shaped like a balloon and is gathered at the top and bottom yet full in the middle, allowing it to puff up and provide fullness. Here are a few style ideas for the puffy sleeves trend, whether for an office presentation or a trip to the beach.

More styling ideas for the puffy sleeves trend:

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