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Petite girl: 15 reasons why you should date a petite girl

reasons why you should date a petite girl

Reasons why you should date a petite girl…

They say that good things come in small packages, particularly when they are women. It’s unclear why guys like dating petite girls, but the fact is that they do, and trust us, there are a few unique characteristics shared by short girls that guys adore.

We did some study to find out why shorter girls are generally preferred, and here are 15 qualities that set them unique!

1. You’re bigger. Even if you’re an average-sized guy, being near a small woman makes you appear larger. When you walk down the street with her, you always appear a little taller, and perhaps you’re simply proud to show her off.

You also feel more powerful since you feel more responsible in the relationship and would then assume leadership.

2. So if you’re not that tall, you’re good. Regarding people they like, petite girls are indiscriminate—at least regarding height. Petite girls have more options than taller girls because height isn’t a barrier. After all, most guys are taller.

3. She requires your assistance. Every time. Don’t get her wrong: tiny ladies, like any other woman, are independent and headstrong—until she needs to reach the top shelf for that box of spaghetti. In that situation, she requires your assistance. After all, she’s vertically challenged, and she’ll get weary of hauling the chair around the kitchen and will ask you to bring her things.

4. Kisses aren’t a big deal. Kissing small girls isn’t as awkward as it appears when compared to kissing tall girls. If you’re exceptionally tall, bend your knees slightly or raise them with your big arms for a more romantic gesture. Better yet, make additional kissing opportunities for the two of you while you’re not standing up.

5. Adorable legs. Especially when they’re wearing high heels. High heels make them taller and create the impression that they are longer. And you like her wearing those stilettos because they make her legs look sexier and shapelier.

6. She’s little enough to fit in your pocket. She’s light and portable, so if she insists on watching that chick flick while you want to watch anything else, you can drape her over your shoulder in the movie theatre and hopefully stop the quarrel. Best of all, she’s light enough to transport when you make out on the couch and want to continue the action in the bedroom without missing a beat.

7. She looks adorable in your home. And in your vehicle. Also, in your bed. Also, on you. She looks cute everywhere she goes. She’s so adorable and little that she’s like a little ray of brightness wherever she goes. You especially enjoy it when she looks seductive, tough, and vulnerable while wearing your knee-length shirt.

8. She is adorable when she is angry. Even when her brows are screwed up in the centre and she’s pouting, you can’t be upset with her because she’s so lovely and sweet. Even if you get into a fight and she attempts to hit you in the face, you just laugh since she can’t reach it.

9. Your protective instinct has just heightened. You’re bigger and stronger than her because of her size. Let’s face it: most guys are stronger than most women, particularly petite ones.

When you date a petite lady, you become more protective of her. You take her little hand and encircle it with yours, instinctively making a silent pledge to keep her safe.

10. She appears to be more feminine. It’s most likely related to how humans are wired and hormones. Scientists believe that shorter girls have more estrogen than taller girls, giving taller girls more masculine traits.

In the meantime, shorter girls appear more vulnerable, which evolution has long attributed to the feminine sex. Petite ladies are also noted for their nurturing and motherly qualities.

11. She’s a great little spoon. Petite girls are pleasant to hug. She feels comfortable and warm inside your arms as you wrap your entire arm around her and grip her even harder.

You won’t want to strain your muscles just to wrap your arms around her, making her the perfect tiny spoon—though she wouldn’t mind occasionally turning you around to be the large spoon.

12. She can fit into small areas. If you ever get locked out of your house, your small girlfriend can easily enter through the window. She’s also an expert at navigating crowds, which is useful if you’re both at a store sale and need to get your hands on the last pair of the latest Jordans. Because she is petite, you can also find her outfits in the adolescent or children’s departments!

13. Sex is insane! Sex with a small female is fantastic. You don’t have to exert yourself just to go from one posture to another. She’s so light and compact that you can carry her in your arms and hoist her up on your hips.

You can do sex positions with a small girl that you never believed you could do with a taller woman, especially since you don’t work out.

14. They have a large personality. It’s as if their attitude is continually striving to compensate for her petite stature. To anticipate her to be the life of the party when she walks into a room, as she uses charm and wit to endear others to her. Plus, you’ll never lose her in a crowd because you can always hear her giggle from miles away.

15. They have no concept of how large they are. Or, more precisely, how much room they have in your heart. Their outgoing nature and abundance of love and generosity shine through to everyone. Despite her short stature, she wields enormous power over others around her, particularly you, and if you agree with this, you are madly in love with her.

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