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Pastor Tony Rapu reveals what children are likely going through in coronavirus pandemic

Pastor Tony Rapu has said that children might not show understanding of the challenges brought by coronavirus pandemic but they know something is not quite right.

In a post accompanied by a throwback picture of the begining of his family, Tony Rapu stated that the financial struggles, job losses and social distancing are being noticed by kids.

He advised that children should be made to understand that the pandemic will be over soon.

He shared: “Throwback to early days of our family in 1990.

“I remember going to school in Lagos during the civil war. I recall the anxiety moments at home. It is not hard to recall those images from when we were very young and that’s why it is important to think about our children during times of upheaval like those some of us are experiencing now. As we know, children are very perceptive and though they might seem okay, they know that something is not quite right. We are living through a crisis that will touch their lives one way or another.

“Children can sense when something is not quite right; from the financial struggle as some parents lose their jobs, to the psychological effect of social distancing. As our lives have been impacted by the pandemic, the same is true for children. Many parents have been forced into homeschooling and in many places, kids have not gone to school and have no access to technology. And although children are not saying anything, it does not mean they are not listening, watching and even worrying.

“We have to admit that this pandemic is something nobody can say they planned or prepared for. We have seen parents overwhelmed. Others have seen on social media what some parents are doing and they feel inadequate. We are confident that although this is a stressful time, it will pass. We need to remind the children of the same thing.

“Asking God to protect and preserve our children”.

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