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Nigerian man reveals what to do when your wife cheats on you

A Nigerian guy had revealed what men should do after they discover that their wife cheated on them.

Taking to Twitter, the man proffered a solution and it has nothing to do with divorce, separation or even quarrel.

His advice has however been termed wicked and brilliant at the same time by all those who reacted to it.

He tweeted:

“If ur Wife cheat on you, my Brother don’t beat her, never send her away. Just make a Big Portrait photo of the Guy she cheated with, and put it in ur living Room. So that whenever visitors ask who the Guy is, she will explain it to them”

A Twitter user responded:

Glass house man. One day they’ll ask and she’ll respond, “he’s the father of my kids”

Another wrote:

“That’s more of rattling a snake to bite you twice, unfortunately, it might. An eye for an eye will most definitely leave the entire world blind, the key to prosperity is to just walk away, in peace, not in pieces!”

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