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Nigerian ladies on social media beg to undergo cosmetic surgery

With so many warnings about the dangers of cosmetic surgery, many Nigerian ladies still beg to go under the knife just to have that hourglass shape they so much desire.

Glancing through the Instagram page of a cosmetic surgery hospital in Nigeria, one can clearly see many Nigerian ladies anxiously waiting for when their savings will amount to the fee for cosmetic surgery at the hospital.

One of the posts on the Instagram page of the cosmetic surgery hospital shows a video of a woman under the knife. The caption reveals that they found a complication in her body asides that which was diagnosed. They dealt with the complication and proceeded with the liposuction.

“Viewers discretion is advised. Initial diagnosis was axillary breast tissue in the right arm put area but upon opening we found a huge lipoma lying under the breast and the chest wall(axilla).Also showing is the axillary vessels(vessels that carry blood to the upper limb) Thank God for safe surgery.Patient is fine.Also had liposuction of the Abdomen,back,arms with transfer to the Butt”.

However, report reaching us says the lady seen in the video died during the surgery. This was also confirmed by comments on the post which wondered why the hospital proceeded with the liposuction surgery after coming across the discovery of a complication in the woman’s body.
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