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Neo Akpofure: Your fashion idea muse for effortless swag

Neo Akpofure's effortlessly stylish outfits.

Neo Akpofure is undeniably one of the most stylish reality stars of his time. The handsome Bbn alum knows what’s suits his body, and he wears it with a confidence that is unmatched. This article will be exploring a few of his outfits that can serve as a fashion inspiration.

Firstly, we have Neo Akpofure in a stylish dark blue and striped suit. The pants of the suit are flared from the knee below, and it was clearly a reminiscent of fashion in the 90’s. Neo wore a white shirt underneath the suit jacket, and black tie, with a black shoe to match.

Neo Akpofure in a blue striped suit.

There’s a whole new wave of alternative fashion that has hit the Nigerian fashion scene, and Neo Akpofure has clearly gotten into it. In this picture, the reality star/fashionista wore a grey denim jacket, paired with a white T-shirt, and baggy grey denim trousers.

Neo Akpofure in a denim jacket and baggy denim trousers.

Third outfit on the list is a 90’s aesthetic outfit that looked amazing on Neo Akpofure. The outfit in question is a red T-shirt, paired with loose fitted black trousers, red sneakers, and a baseball hat that was worn backwards.

Neo Akpofure in a 90’s inspired outfit: A red shirt, black trousers, sneakers, and a baseball hat.

At number four, we have an outfit that is a love child between 90’s and urban fashion. Neo Akpofure can be seen wearing a bumper jacket, a white singlet, and grey shorts, which he paired with white socks, and sneakers.

Neo Akpofure in a jacket and shorts.

Neo’s fifth outfit here is a red suit, with a black shirt underneath, alongside a black and white dress shoe that was popular during the ballroom era.

Neo Akpofure in a red suit.

Sixth on the list is a stylish button down shirt that clearly belongs to the beach. Neo Akpofure paired this shirt with a pair of blue pants, dress shoes, and a hat.

Neo Akpofure in a beach shirt and blue trousers.

This seventh outfit is a clear definition of a clean fashion. The outfit in question is a white form fitting shirt, which Neo Akpofure paired with green pants and sneakers to match.

Neo Akpofure in a white shirt and green trousers.

The era of bold print shirts are slowly coming back, and Neo Akpofure clearly leaned into the trend with this outfit. He wore a bold print shirt, and paired it with washed out denim trousers, and sneakers.

Neo Akpofure in a print shirt and denim trousers.

Lastly, we have a sleeveless shirt of some sorts, which Neo Akpofure paired with dark green trousers, and a pair of white slides.

Neo Akpofure in a sleeveless shirt and trousers.
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