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Moji Wilson drags TV host Morayo Afolabi-Brown, “for promoting physical abuse on gay people in Nigeria”

Morayo Brown and Moji WIlson

Openly gay Nigerian woman, Moji Wilson has taken to social media to drag Televison host, Morayo Afolabi-Brown “for promoting physical assault on gay people in Nigeria”.

This is coming after Morayo who hosts ‘Your View’ on TVC had a show were herself and her panelists spoke on challenges of parenting abroad.

During the show, Morayo revealed that after she had an accident and suffered some injuries, she felt so unattractive and started thinking she was gay because no boy was coming to hit on her. She said she started to hang out with the “head of lesbians’ in her school back then. She said her brother however noticed the changes in her and beat the gayness out of her.

Moji who is an openly gay Nigerian woman married to her wife in the US, took to her Facebook page to bash Morayo for her comments. Moji is of the opinion that Morayo’s comment will instigate more people to continue the attacks on gays in Nigeria. According to Moji, being gay is not something that can be beaten out of anyone. She recounted how she went for all kinds of Christian prayers to get herself to stop loving women, including sleeping on the grave of a clergyman, but it never worked. She insisted that no one can ever be beaten out of being gay.

Watch the clip below…

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