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Man narrates his struggle to set up his business after his girlfriend dumped him

Below is a narration from a man about how he was dumped by his girlfriend during the struggle to et up a business.


“2014 I resigned from my job at Group5 and registered my own company SE Tong. I had to use my savings to pay off all my debts, little did I know that the struggle was gonna be longer. My girlfriend left me cause i didn’t want to go back to working for someone else.

2015 I was still running around the country trying to find a project, midyear 2015 my friends and family were getting tired of supporting me. I felt like going back to job hunting but I just couldn’t do it. I moved to Cape Town in the last quarter of 2015, still had no income.

2016 came and I continued hustling my way into the business world. I Then decided to move back home with my mother them in the West Coast, my friends and family were telling me to stop looking for projects at Saldanha Steel known as
March 2016, I get a call from
Vendor Specialist, saying that he would like to make an appointment to come interview me, I told him I didn’t have an office and that I was working from home. He then told me that, they don’t really care if i work from my room.

I asked him what he meant by “we”. He then told me that him and the BBBEE manger will be flying OR Tambo to Cape Town and will be joined the Procurement Manager, Buyer and the Maintenance Manager from Saldanha Steel. I agreed to the meeting/interview.

Luckily my BIS was still active and i managed to reply via email as well. A week later after the call, they all arrived at my home in Vredenburg, my sister had to pure coke for the cause it was all we could offer the. I told them how I got to start my own company.

The meeting/interview went well and a week later I got my Vendor number. A week after I received my vendor number I got my first PO for 97k. I had no work capital by then and the BBBEE department gave me a grant of 15k for me to start my little project.

The project went well, then i got a civil maintenance contract, I hired 2 more guys for the 2 year contract. While I was bus, a gentlemen approached me with a sub-contract deal at the same plant I was working on. He gave me a PO for me to supply him with 20 Mechanical Fitters.

Project were coming in almost every month, I started making real money.


To be continued…..”
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