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Law student’s weight loss in 8 months breaks the Internet (photos)

A law student, Felix Okoro is presently making headlines after sharing incredible photos of his weight loss journey of 8 months.

Felix Okoro who used to weigh 150kg, lost about 60kg in a space of 8months.

The law student shard his story thus:

I’ve always though weight loss was going to be a horrible and stressful experience.

I wanted to be healthy, strong, most especially happy for who I was.
Don’t get me wrong, someone can be on the plus side and be happy for who they are. But for me it was hard for me to be ‘fat and happy’. When you’re unhappy with yourself and how you look, you would try to change yourself, in order to accept yourself. People would tell me “I like that you are happy with the way you look” and I’ll reply with a smile “Yes I am” but deep down I knew I wasn’t.

I started walking for at least 1 hour a day before my friend told me of a final year project on weight loss and I decided to give it a try. We used dance cardio by #keairalashae for the workout and I continued with the workouts even after the project ended.
I started my journey in 2019 with 150 kg and 8 months later, I weigh 90kg

I think it’s time to hit the gym

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