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Late Oba Oniru’s wives pay tribute to him

Where do I start from, just like yesterday, almost 60 years ago when I met you as a young handsome single man that I fell in love with, as young lovers we went on our first date at the trade fair in Victoria Island, which now modern-day Bonny Camp, from there we went to your clubhouse on Campbell Street Lagos Island, called Okepopo Boys and Girls Club, as we were both students which later became our favourite hangout after school hours when I often sneak to spend time together, how time flies He later proposed to me after almost of three of courtship and I accepted to be his wife. We were married on June 14th at a Nikkai Ceremony 1964 at JK Randle Hall Onikan Lagos.

Then we started a family by welcoming our first child in 1965 Prince Adesegun Issa Oniru, shortly after the arrival of my first son. We travelled to the UK on MV Oriel from Apapa Port straight to Liverpool a journey that took two weeks. Upon arrival in the UK we legalized our union once again at the Borough of Islington registry.

We stayed in Bright Street off Holloway road North London N4 for four years when we had Prince Ademola and Pastor Morris Oniru as addition to the family As he was fondly called ‘Raw Cash’ however my father in law the late Yesufu Abiodun Oniru stopped me from calling him that he preferred the traditional Yoruba way of addressing a father as ‘Baba Segun’ I’ll tell you how he became known and addressed as raw cash by his school mate was due to his generosity and kindness, that was how I joined them upon arrival in Nigeria with two additional children namely prince the family grew bigger with prince TJ and Princess Arike joining in that order life back then was hectic managing a home with five children, father in law and other extended family members very hard working and family-oriented man, as a young man I saw some exceptional qualities that made me believe that he is born to lead and rule as if my prediction to be, he succeeded his at the

14th Oniru of Lagos upon the father’s death. Shortly after that, he elevated the family’s traditional chieftaincy title from Oniru of Lagos to Oba Oniru of Iruland Akiogun 1.

It is very important for me to note that he was the first Oba in Iruland and he brought the crown into this kingdom, that was why I said he was born to rule During the reign as a king he did remarkable exploits by uniting all the ruling houses, he empowered his children, his beloved brother my late brother in law Otunba Alaba Abiodun Oniru whom he loved dearly he developed the vast Oniru Estate into one of the most sought after high brow in Lagos State today I would like to thank the almighty on his behalf for giving him the grace and rare opportunity to see all his children do well during his lifetime, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren. He was truly a blessed man I pray that almighty God will continue to grant him a peaceful rest till we shall meet one day to continue what we started almost sixty years ago.

Sleep on my beloved husband Oniru Oba Imahin

–Olori Aramide Oniru, Iya Afin of Iruland

Olori Iya Abiye World Wide (ROF).



I remember that afternoon when I returned from work and was entering our barracks in Obalende being a newly posted Cadet Inspector from Police College that I saw Engineer Idowu Abiodun Oniru with his late friend; Licensing Officer Dada who was married to a Police Officer.

The rest is history.

He was lovable and content. He was ready to help anyone at any time. He did not cheat and wanted anyone working with him to be honest and reliable. He valued education and always told his family to make educating the children to priority and everyone they knew that they could easily get money from him if they presented that their children got admitted into the higher institutions.

He had respect for all religions; Islam, Christianity etc.

He sponsored many pilgrims to Mecca and Jerusalem and built the Oniru Mosque personally; a promise he made when he went to Mecca in the year 2001.

He loved his family which made them give him the utmost respect. Thank God for a life well spent – a shepherd that never lost sight of his sheep. I and my children have lost our confidant.

Rest in the bosom of Allah till we meet to part no more. Adieu

From – Olori Risikat Abisoye Oniru,

Yeye Apesin of Iru-Land


How time flies! I met HRM almost 50 years ago thru a mutual friend Ms. Dupe Boyejo and it was instant mutual attraction or love at first sight. We courted for over three years before he officially came to ask for my hand in marriage from my parents.

I remember with nostalgia how he used to come wait in his car in front of my office for hours just to take me to lunch and spend some time with me, he was a perfect gentleman an I was so proud to be his girlfriend then, he would also come back in the evening in order to give me a ride home after close of business. From there he would take me out to dinner as well as famous relaxation spots in those days.

One thing that stood him out as a gentleman extraordinaire that he was is that he would ask me if I needed to get anything and knowing fully well that I did not earn much, I will shyly tell him I am ok but he will ask to open my wallet and then stack it with cash, I never have to ask, he

was that generous and extremely considerate, always ensuring that I lack nothing and at the same time assured that even if I do not ask he will still offer.

These were the attributes I saw in this young prince that I fell in love with. He was cultured disciplined and every sense of the word a true blue blood. I knew he was destined for great exploits and that life with him was promising and will be fulfilling. My family did not object to our union as they saw the same qualities I had experienced with him.

He was also very protective and territorial in the sense that after a long evening of wining and dinning and driving me home, he would not leave my house until very late in the night when I would have been seriously tired and literally ready for bed, when I asked him why he hung around for so long he told me that it is because he wanted to make sure I was in bed and fast asleep before leaving me so that this way I will not have the opportunity to attend to any other suitors that will be lurking around! My darling husband, I am particularly thankful to Almighty Allah that I met you and spent the most amazing years with you as my spouse and raised a beautiful family together.

Oba Idowu Oniru that I knew and experienced was a great husband who always wanted my prosperity and happiness, he loved with all his heart and all that he had, he was an outstanding father who took great care of his kids especially when it came to their education as well as life skills he empowered them with which has been their cornerstone and made them into proud products of this great and legendary King Oniru Oba Imayin, I will sadly miss you, The Oniru family will not be the same without you, Iruland will miss you, The entire Lagos will miss you and your legacies which will never be erased in history.

Say hello to ‘Uncle’ your beloved brother and my Baba Oko Pataki when you see yourselves

Sun Re O, Baba Mi, Oko Mi, Olowo Ori Mi Oniru Oba Imahin, till we meet again.

-Oloori Faidat Arike Oniru,

Yeyewura of Iruland


Dear Daddy, our Royal Father of the Oniru family, I received the news of your death with a heavy heart, but I thank Almighty Allah for a life well spent. I am also happy you had a taste of good living and comfort of life.

You were so compassionate and reachable at all times. You had a listening ear; you were a true definition of meekness, love, care and truthfulness. You took things of life very simple till your death.

I will miss you for your fatherly advice for the few times I ran to you after the death of your younger brother, late prince Alaba Abiodun Oniru. If it is true that friends and families meet with one another when they die, I am sure you would have met with Uncle Alaba (my love to him tell him I miss him so much). I wish both of you a peaceful rest, sleep on beloved in the bosom of the Lord, till we meet to part no more.

Omo onile, Omo agbobi, Omo a sore ma pecan, Omo apekan ma fun obirin je, Omo epo werewere ni idu iganran, Ko se fi oko ro, ko se fi ada ro, Bee baa ro, aalo

– Chief Mrs. Olufunke

Alaba Oniru,

Yeyemeso of Iruland


It is hard to sum up 36 years in this brief. How do I describe you? I cannot because you were a man of great depth. You were my husband, father, brother, and my king. My husband was such a wonderful man. I’m not sure I can really express just how much I will miss him. Not only was he a man of great valor, he was a wonderful father, grandfather, friend, colleague …. and so much more.

Kabieyesi’s ability to make everyone feel secure, welcomed and loved were his greatest strengths. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share his dreams, hopes, love, friendship and much more. He was a man of the people.

A man who stood by his family throughout and a hero to all who knew him. A man who believed in sharing and caring. He supported and loved us all, and was always ready to help navigate through life’s challenges.

I will always remember and pray for you. Your dear wife,

– Oloori Chief Mrs. Ajua Oniru.

Tribute to my father, my king. There are two moments I will never forget; the moment I met you. And the moment you took your last breath. Rest on my king. I will always remember and pray for you. Your dear wife,

– Oloori Adebola Oniru

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