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Lady highlights her achievements before age 30 to prove society wrong

A Nigerian makeup artist, Makeupbytemmy has listed her achievements before hitting the age of 30.

She took to Instagram to show off these achievements to prove to people who claim a lady who is not married at 30 hasn’t achieved much.

See her list of achievements:

Today is 1st of December. Next month I’ll be 30.

She’s not married and she has no kids ???

Finished primary school at the age of 9

Finished secondary school at 15years

Finished university at 20years old. Started working in a bank at 21years old

Worked in an advertising agency. On my own travelled to 5 different countries(at numerous times) between 21 and 30

Joined a start-up ecommerce company (Jumia) and in 6years grew from a telephone operator to a Customer Experience Manager.

Bought my first car with Money from my own pocket, not one dime from anyone

I have a Make up business and a consistent YouTube channel

I am the CEO of @thegelecompany

At 30, I have become a consultant for start-up ecommerce and logistics  companies

Now I run an advertising agency along side my Partners

I might not be your definition of Sucessful but I definately deserve to CONGRATULATE myself for a Job well done!

To the ‘society’ Y’ALL TRIPPING!


We also think she deserves applause.


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