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Get a job before marriage – Adeboye’s wife advises men

Pastor Foluke Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has issued out some advice to married and intending couples at the Church’s annual youth convention.

Part of her sermon which was shared on the Church’s official Twitter page shows her kicking against deceit in courtship. She also advised men not to get married without having a job.

See high points below.

The foundation of marraige must be on God and God only.

What is not of God is not good. Those who walk in the way of the Lord are undefiled.

There should be no deceit in courtship.

Don’t marry a wife on credit.

Whatever you can afford is what you should do. Cut your coat according to your cloth (not your size).

Get a job before marriage. When you fall out of cash she falls out of love.

The problem we have today is that Youths don’t want to be accountable.

An indomitable woman is supposed to be a builder in the marriage.

When you live a false life as a youth, when you get married your partner is in TROUBLE.

Honour each Other. Men love honour, some wives can’t even call their husband with respect.

If Jesus can tolerate us then we must learn to tolerate others.

If your marriage is already domitable it can be amended to indomitable.

If you can’t say SORRY, PLEASE, and THANK YOU, You need to amend your ways.

There can be amendments. God can make things better in your marriage.

Lord, have your way and give me to heart to surrender to you totally so that my marriage can be Indomitable. Lord, I want to enjoy the benefits of an Indomitable marriage, help me.

Get a job before marriage - Adeboye's wife advises men

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