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I’m a pastor and I’m saddened by this – Bishop Feb Idahosa kicks against relaxation of lockdown order in Rivers State

Bishop Feb Idahosa has expressed sadness at the decision of the Rivers State Government to relax the lockdown order in the stay for Easter celebrations.

Sharing on social media, Feb Idahosa stated that the decision would render useless all that has been gained so CE the lockdown was declared to curb the spread of coronavirus.

He tweeted: “The Gov of #RiversState has allowed all churches & mosques there to meet in full force this wkend. If there was a Kingdom of Bad Ideas, this one would be king. The only worse idea is for you to attend one of these services knowing what you know about #covid_19. Yes, I’m a Pastor.

“Is it that we don’t know how to learn from #history or know how to learn from science? History is being created right in front of our eyes in the daily news as we watch the trends of #COVID?19 in other countries & yet, this Governor is insisting we make the same mistakes. Why?

“One way #COVID?19 is spread is when people gather in large numbers in one place. An infected but asymptomatic person can quickly spread the virus to others & they in turn will do the same. Not knowing & making mistakes is one thing; but knowingly making mistakes is ignorance.”

He added on Instagram: 

“As a man of faith and a man of science, I’m saddened by this. We have faith, yes! But our faith in Christ also demands that we are wise.

1. We should learn from the history that we see being created every day.
2. I firmly believe that one of the ways God will answer our prayers for this scourge of #covid_19 not to come near us is if we use wisdom to do the right things.
3. We should #MakeHopeContagious not the #spread of the virus.
4. God was not surprised by this.
5. This is not the end of the church.
6. Our faith in God will get us out of this”.

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