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I have failed in so many ventures – Aneto DavidSam shares his inspiring success story

David Sam Aneto

A Nigerian business man, Aneto Onyema DavidSamuel popularly known as DavidSam has taken to social media platform, Facebook to share his inspiring success story.

The Anambra born school and gas plant owner shared all the businesses he failed at, and other plans.

“A word to somebody…I have failed in so many ventures…Applied to be a security man at FCMBank (I wasn’t even called. My CV didn’t make it at all)Failed as a food seller (fried plantain and potatoes hoping to be the Nourish of today)Attempted writing magazine (business magazine) I still have the documentations…Failed as a Keke driver, (hoping to be the GUO of today)Failed as a realtor (hoping to be the Arnold of Awka)Failed after attempting picking irons and aluminum for a while (realising that it’s not what I will be proud doing)Attempted owning my own school, but couldn’t get a sponsor Tried again as a Keke driver (I actually felt that I gave up too soon, that as an entrepreneur, I should work things until they work.”

“I actually got duped afterwards )Failed after attempting starting my own network marketing business (thought out to tap in to the wealth of GNLD and organogold)Stumbled in to the LPG (Cooking gas) and immediately got consumed by it after envisioning the untapped potentials and innovations there in.Built a school, nursery and primary school in Nnewi.Attempted owning my own bank (still in process anyways).Started a welding company (pipe and professional welding)Today I feel all experience is actually worth it. All put together brought me here.”

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