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‘I almost died after using kayan mata’ – Igbo man cries out

Effect of Kayan mata

An Igbo trader has cried out after taking some sex-enhancing drug called Kayan Mata.

He narrated how he almost lost his life when the effect of the drug hit him.

The victim, Chukwudi Udeh, a 37 years old trader who runs a spare parts business at the Idumota Market in Lagos, was rushed to a private hospital around Ojota where doctors battled to save his life.

According to him, he is grateful to God for saving him.

Udeh who is single, explained that he was expecting his girlfriend who had travelled out of Lagos to come back that weekend and as he had been sex-starved for long because she could not come back to Lagos due to the lockdown in the country, he went to an herbal medicine practitioner and asked to be given a drug that will help him last long in bed.

He said;

“When my girlfriend called me that she would be coming back because of the easing of the lockdown by the Federal Government, I was very happy because I had been sex-starved for over two months.

So to get myself prepared for her coming, I went to one Mallam who sells herbal medicine at Ojota bus stop and asked him to give me some drugs that will make me strong. The man gave me some powdery substance and said it is called Kayan Mata and that it will make me very strong and last long in bed.

He said I should mix the powder with stout and drink in the afternoon that my woman would come and that before evening, the effect will start.

When I got home, I mixed the substance and drank it as he had instructed. I then called my girlfriend and asked when she would likely get into Lagos but to my surprise, she told me that she could not leave as there was total lockdown in Rivers State and there was no movement in and out of the state.

I was devastated but I did not know that the drug I took had a negative effect until that night when I began having some funny feelings in my body.

I was hot and cold at the same time and I went into the bathroom to have a bath, thinking the cold water would calm me down. But it was as if the water added to the burning sensation in my groin as my manhood became enlarged than it normally was.

I thought it would go down with time but after a while and it did not stop, I became worried. Apart from the enlargement of my manhood, the pain was becoming unbearable and there was no woman around that could help me.

I groaned in pain and rolled from one corner of my bed to another but the pain would not subside. When I could no longer bear it, I had to call a friend who lives nearby and when he came, I narrated my plight to him.

My friend bought me some milk to drink but that did not help as the pain was now so severe I even thought of cutting off my manhood. It was around 10pm that my friend decided that the best thing to do was to take me to the hospital.

We first went to a nearby hospital but they had closed due to the curfew in the state. By this time, I could no longer walk again and my friend had to call another friend and together, they carried me to a private hospital and luckily, they were still open and I was admitted.

The doctor and nurses on duty did their best to bring down my bulging manhood to no avail. I was crying like a baby and the funny thing was that the female nurses were making fun of me, some even using their phones to take pictures of my swelling member.  

I must have fainted because by the time I was revived, they had put me on drips which they said would bring down the rush of blood into my manhood. I ended up spending two days in the hospital before I became normal again.

I have vowed never to go near any sex-enhancing drug again in my life and I will advise young men to stay away from them, especially the one called Kayan Mata. It could well kill you if you are not careful.”



  1. Man Enough

    May 14, 2020 at 2:35 pm

    You took overdose out of greed, you wanted to kee d girl but you ended up almost killing urself… One man food is another man poison

  2. Anonymous

    May 14, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    Indeed it is pathetic and funny

  3. ssfather

    May 15, 2020 at 7:46 am

    It’s only in this stupid country that you people is allowed to selling poison by the roadside and nobody’s care.mwsstttt

  4. Glitters A.Ufot

    May 15, 2020 at 11:56 am

    Lol….. That will be a great testimony in church after the lock down. Your miracle is so beautiful

  5. Loveth

    May 15, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    Lol… I thought that kayan Mata is for women. It is said to make the vagina sweet😂😂. You have learnt your lesson. Use your natural strength.

  6. Ibro ne

    May 15, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    You want to kill another man’s daughter and God didn’t agree.

  7. Mactoni

    May 16, 2020 at 9:57 am

    How on earth could someone take afrodisaic just to satisfy his sexual gratification and end up hurting his partner.
    Don’t think you are enjoying sex with are only killing your system.
    The sweetness of sex is ejaculation!!

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