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Hon Tomide Akinribido was dragged by his ex on his wedding day for alleged ‘fraud’

Tomide Akinribido

An ex of the Deputy minority leader, Ondo state House of Assembly, Hon Tomide Akinribido called him out on his wedding day for allegedly fraudulently  lying to her.

According to her, he dumped her for his wife and lied to her that it was his mother who never wanted the union because of her tribe.

In a series of tweet, She claimed he took all her money to fund his election and dumped her afterwards.

See her tweets below…

“This guy fraudulently lied to me that he wants to marry me. Took all my money to fund his election and disappeared immediately after winning the election. His friends and members of his family were in on the scam and they cheered him on.”

“After he had achieved his mission he sent Bobbyoba to come and tell me that it was his mother who kicked against him marrying a non Yoruba. Every single thing Bobby told me that day I recorded it all.”

“I have not even said anything and his friends are taking turns to quote me. Y’all should wait”

“He had 50million to contest for an election? Imagine Sanwo Olu coming to brag that it is his billions that made him win Lagos guber election. Lol”

“There’s more but we will take it one step at a time.”

“The amount circulating is def not the amount that fraud lied to collect from me. But anyway like I said, there’s more and we will get there.”

“Them don use “50million” naira take deceive una lmaoo . Tomide and his entire family member put together had that money or even half of it to spend on an election? This same election that was conducted last year?”

“We will talk about the election but this is not the time. Let’s deal with the fraud and misrepresentation first”

“Lol I said I was not going to reply any of the fools in my mention but I will reply you. I am the girl and I said he took my money to fund his election. As far as Tomide’s election is concerned, right from when he bought the form to the day he was announced winner I know it all”

see screenshot below…

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