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HIV positive lady who was raped at age 8 and 9 encourages other carriers

A lady who is HIV positive has revealed that she was raped at the age of 8 and 16.

In a series of tweets, she revealed that despite being HIV positive, she got married to a negative man and has produced two negative kids.

She tweeted:

”My posts are about hiv and fighting stigma to many ppl are dying coz of stigma hiv is no longer the killer guys stigma is educate urselves b4 judging us

”I’ve been raped at the ages of 8 nd 16, I survived it I’ve been living in a orphanage almost all my childhood yet I still made it. Today I’m hiv+ u better believe that I will live til I my grandkids, if I can so can u.#arvzforlife. RT some1 needs 2 this

“This single pill has given me 3 negative kids and a negative partner the more you take your pill and correctly your viral load will be undetectable making it impossible to infect the next, meaning it’s in ur body but not active.”

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