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Goddess Ginger opens up on s*xual relationship with Shatta Wale and how he paid her

Ghanaian singer, Goddess Ginger has confessed that she had sexual relationship with Shatta Wale while he was still seeing his baby mama, Michy.

Speaking to blogger Kobby Kyei, Goddess Ginger stated that she had sex with Shatta Wale several times and got paid handsomely by the dancehall singer.

“I didn’t take him away from him and I wasn’t bothering him not to go home to his wife or girlfriend. I am having fun, he is also having fun and at the end of the day, he goes home so you can only say I did something bad if I took him from her” she said in Twi.

She went on to Justify her actions with Shatta, saying,

‘Men are naturally polygamous you can’t do anything about it.

She added,

‘if a woman is too strict to stop a man from cheating, she’ll lose him but what is important what to do to always make the man comes home’.

She went on to blame Michy for the reason why Shatta Wale was always with numerous men.

“I think she didn’t give him enough love … with the stuff I’ve heard, mostly from him and friends around, I think Michy was frustrating him too much,” she said.

Goddess Ginger - Shatta Wale
Goddess Ginger – Shatta Wale
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