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Glamorous outfit ideas inspired by Veekee James’ closet

Glamorous outfits worn by Veekee James.

As a fashion designer, Veekee James has fully represented her profession by continuously been a source of inspiration, when it comes to fashion.

Veekee James knows what suits her body type, and she plays around with different fabrics and designs that always look good on her. The stunning fashion designer is always dressed to the nines, and this outfit will be focusing on her most glamorous outfits in recent times.

At number one, we have a stunning beaded silver dress that has a raised shoulder pad, floral patterns attached to the side, a matching hat, and transparent heels. Unlike most of Veekee James’ clothes, this dress doesn’t have a corset, but it still looks good on her.

Veekee James in a beaded dress.

The second outfit here is a stunning floral patterned dress that was made out of suede material. This dress has multiple colors, which include pink, blue and red. Veekee James paired the dress with pink high heels and a black handbag, which matched the dress perfectly.

Veekee James in a floral dress.

If you like Barbie inspired clothes, then this third outfit is perfect for you. The outfit in question is a sleeveless pink dress with a wide skirt and a corset top that is bedazzled. Veekee James chose comfort, when she opted for sneakers as footwear.

Veekee James in a Barbie inspired dress.

Fourth on the list is a gorgeous white two piece outfit, which consists of a white corset top with sleeves that were designed to look like puffy clouds. Veekee James paired this top with fitted white trousers, and a white handbag to match.

Veekee James in a white two piece.

Brocade material has become very popular these days, and Veekee James styled hers like the fashion designer that she is. The top of the outfit had long sleeves, and a red brocade material attached to the shoulder area, while the skirt was fitted and touched the ankles.

Veekee James in a brocade outfit.

Veekee James opted for a dramatic outfit in this picture, and it suited her well. The outfit in question is a pink ballroom dress that has a huge cape behind. It also has dramatic and puffy sleeves that blend perfectly with the corset top. The best part is that the wig she wore was pink, so it matched the theme of the dress.

Veekee James in a dramatic pink dress with a cape.

Seventh on the list a classy burnt orange dress with spaghetti straps and a huge skirt that helped to make Veekee James’ upper body appear smaller. She paired this outfit with a white handbag and white high heels.

Veekee James in a burnt orange dress.

Lastly, we have a stunning lilac dress that will fit perfectly in the corporate world. Veekee James paired it with matching shoes and a black handbag.

Veekee James in a lilac dress.
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