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Get inspired by how Grace Amuzie is changing the world via ‘plastic for education’

Grace Amuzie story

The story of Grace Amuzie, a 20-years-old graduate of Economics from Crawford University is so inspiring.

She is offering quality basic education for low-income children Using plastics for Tuition Fee.

Thanks to the kindness of a sponsor, Grace Amuzie was able to complete her school and tertiary education.

She began teaching at the age of fifteen (Ss2). During the long summer vacations, she would collect children from her community and teach them. Parents noticed changes in their children and encouraged her to continue.

With the support of her parents and well-wishers, she established a lesson center. Her original plan was to teach the children during the summer vacations, but after seeing how much of an impact she had on the children’s lives, she decided to establish Isrina Schools.

It was also to ensure that the children in her community received the same educational assistance that she did. Despite their financial and infrastructure problems, Grace and her sister continue to aid the children in their care.
There are now 125 children in the school, ranging in age from 3 to 14, as well as 9 teachers.

The African Cleanup Initiative (ACI) has teamed with the school to urge parents to bring plastic bottles to school to pay for their children’s tuition, ensuring that they obtain an education while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

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