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From model to muse: Witness Beauty Tukura’s style evolution

Beauty Tukura is one of reality television’s finest fashionistas. She has a dress sense that has been carefully curated to suit her body type.

As a former model that was immersed in the world of fashion, it isn’t surprising that Beauty knows her onions when it comes to dressing. With this in mind, this article will be exploring some of her best pieces yet.

First on the list is an ethereal looking sleeveless silver dress with bits of white rose petals attached to the body. Beauty Tukura also adddd a matching silver purse, and shoes to match.

Second on the list is a dress that was inspired by vintage fashion. The dress in question came in black, and it was paired with a cute hat, and pearl jewelry that added to the ambience of the outfit.

Suede dresses have gradually become very popular in the fashion industry, and Beauty Tukura leaned into the trend by wearing the dress in this picture.

The dress in question is blue from top to bottom, while the sleeves are a rich maroon color.

Beauty Tukura took creativity to the next level in this picture when she opted for a rose petal inspired top, which she paired with white trousers, and a cute red handbag.

Women in pant suits is gradually becoming a fashion favorite in the industry, and Beauty Tukura wore it like a fashionista. She paired a suit vest with a white long sleeved shirt, and a pair of trousers.

Two piece outfits consumes a huge part of the fashion industry trends so much that it is almost impossible to attend an event without seeing someone wearing them.

In this picture, Beauty Tukura wore a halter neck top, which she paired with a matching mini skirt, a pair of heels, and a cute purse.

Made out of sequins and silk, the silver and black dress Beauty Tukura wore in this picture looked like it belongs in a fashion magazine.

Starting from the cut, down the fitting and the length, this dress looks spectacular.

The last outfit in this article is a lovely white dress with rose petals covering every inch. It also has a corset, which made Beauty Tukura’s waistline appear smaller.

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