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From day to night: How Lily Afe transforms her outfits for different occasions

Styling outfits like Lily Afe.

Understanding the importance of picking the right outfit for every event is an understated talent that needs more recognition.

Lucky us, we have an informal guide on how to style yourself for various occasions, using Lily Afe as a muse.

1. The first outfit Lily Afe wore was a gorgeous white silk dress that hugged her body like a glove.

Lily Afe in a white dress.

Attached to her right sleeve and right hip was a huge patch of red rose flower design that brought a pop of color to the outfit.

As a bride, you can wear this dress during your reception, or if you’re aiming for simplicity, you can wear it at the main event.

2. Second on the list is Lily Afe in a stylish green silk two piece outfit. The shirt had a high neck design that gave the illusion of a turtle neck top.

Lily Afe in a green two-piece.

As for the skirt, the design was quite plain, but the twist came in form of the bunched up ruffle design in front that fell into a slit that accentuated the outfit.

3. At number three, we have Lily Afe in a lovely Ankara dress with a corset top and a mermaid shaped hem.

Lily Afe in an Ankara dress.

The stunning actress paired the dress with a nude colored head dress, a peach colored purse, and yellow high heels that complimented the outfit.

4. The fourth outfit on the list was made from a popular material called ‘Adire’, and Lily Afe styled hers like a professional.

Lily Afe in an ‘Adire’ dress.

Paired with silver colored heels and blue handbag, Lily Afe’s ‘Adire’ dress looked like a fashion masterpiece.

This dress will serve you well as church wear, or at any informal event of your choice.

5. Fifth on the list is Lily Afe in a grey colored lace dress with net material attached like a sash around her waist, and flowing to the ground.

Lily Afe in a grey colored lace dress.

She added a pair of metallic blue heels and a cute blue purse to match the dress, and it looked amazing.

The perfect place to wear this dress would be a wedding ceremony, especially if you’re a wedding guest, and not the host.

6. Little black dresses are a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe, especially if you’re the outgoing type.

Lily Afe in a little black dress.

The little black dress Lily Afe wore here is an embodiment of class and style. You can pair this dress with any type of shoe, so long as it is high heels, and it will look amazing.

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