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Four outfits men love on women

Last week I pointed out the outfits that guys ‘disliked on women’…now it’s the other way round winks
Have you ever wondered what ‘outfits’ men really
want to see on women? You will be surprised to know that sometimes, the hardest outfit to put together is one that’s interesting but not too interesting. 
Men like a woman who dresses
elegant and sexy, but not of poor quality. You don’t have to
spend much on clothes to attract a man but here are some suggestions of outfits that men love on women.

T-shirts: When it comes to men;
clothing is a matter of convenience. Men prefer a woman who can look good and
feel comfortable in a shirt for a stylish blouse. If you want to look
comfortable and warm at the same time, get a shoulder shirt. 

Simple sandals:  Men love when women look
great in something comfortable. This does not mean you should throw away your
favorite stilletos and high-heel shoes (they attract the attention of men), however, you can be sure that
wearing a pair of cute and simple sandals turn them on.

Denim pants (Jeans): You can find denim shorts that are flattering to
every figure. Full figured women look good in dark jeans with large
pockets. Women with a rear air better in small, lightweight denim with
small pockets. (You do not even need to buy a new pair. If you have jeans
that you no longer use, just cut to the length you want your shorts to

Corporate outfits: Men
really like the look of the office. A pencil skirt that emphasizes your
curves, a silky top business shows a small division and a smart jacket
is an aspect that will certainly make most men drool. 

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