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Event-ready with Wofai Fada: Stunning outfit ideas for special occasions

If you’ve ever been frustrated when choosing outfits for various events, then I’d advise you to come closer.

In less than ten minutes, this article will help you with a variety of clothes for different events that may come up in your life, and they’re all inspired by Wofai Fada.

1. First on the list is a gorgeous baby-blue brocade dress with intricately designed leaf patterns around the chest area. The same leaf patterns were embroidered around the hem, and it evened out the design.

On the other hand, the sleeves were adorned with decorate studs, and delicate looking organza material.

Wofa Fada also added a headpiece, which is popularly known as ‘gele’, and she wore a minimalist necklace that helped to beautify the outfit.

If you have a wedding to attend, whether as the guest or the bride, this dress would be the perfect fit for you.

A blue brocade dress.

2. Denim outfits are time defying, when it comes to its relevance in the fashion industry. It has been a trend since as far back as the 80’s, and there seems to be no stopping it, as it continues to evolve.

The denim outfit here is a mini dress, pair with a black panty hose, denim boots, and a yellow handbag that added a pop of color.

Events like brunch dates, parties, and even informal meetings would be the best place to wear this outfit to.

A denim outfit.

3. Purple is one of the boldest colors you can come across, and it has the ability to make outfits stand out.

In this picture, you can see Wofai Fada in a two piece purple suit that is slightly oversized.

The fact that the outfit isn’t form fitting added to its ambience, and made it look chic.

Church services, office spaces, business meeting, and anything corporate, just know that this outfit got you covered.

A purple two-piece suit.

4. Every girly girl deserves a floral dress, and what better way to get into floral ways than this dress right here.

The fitting of the dress is tight around the chest area, and after that, it flows from the waist to the ankle.

You can pair this dress with a pair of pumps, platform slippers, or even heels.

The best place to wear this dress to would be picnics, or any other casual daytime event.

A floral dress.

5. When considering jewelry, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to clothes, silk is a girl’s best friend.

The silk dress Wofai Fada wore here looks absolutely gorgeous, and the color clashed perfectly against her skin.

If you have a date night coming up, there’s no need to fret because this dress got you covered.

A silk dress.

6. Rich Aunty vibes fashion doesn’t entail only maxi dresses, and this outfit is a clear example of the variety of clothes in the rich aunty fashion category.

The outfit here is a vibrant yellow three-piece outfit that consists of a bra top, loose fitted palazzos, and a flowing kimono jacket.

Whether you’re going to the beach or attending bottomless mimosas with your girlfriends at noon, this is the perfect outfit for you.

A three-piece outfit.

7. When you hear ‘Habibi, come to Dubai’, this is the outfit you should go for.

The outfit in question is a lovely blue maxi dress, which is popularly known as ‘Abaya’. It has a hoodie, and what’s not to love about that.

Around the chest area of the dress is an intricate pattern on beads that made it look luxurious and chic.

A maxi dress with a hoodie.

8. Going out of style for Ankara dresses is nearly impossible because there are so many styles to pick from.

The Ankara dress here has an attachment around the knees that falls into frills.

This dress can be worn to church, or even wedding ceremonies, if you’re a guest.

An Ankara dress with frills.

9. Organza dresses are the new rave in the fashion industry, and for good reason.

Wofai Fada wore a lovely green organza dress in this picture, and it looks absolutely stunning.

You can wear this outfit to the office on Fridays, to church, or even brunch with friends.

An organza dress.

10. When people talk about ‘old money’ fashion, these are the kind of dresses that comes to mind.

The dress in question is a stunning white knee length dress with an off-shoulder neckline that looks absolutely stunning.

Wofai Fada paired it with a traditional Asian inspired hat, a cute white handbag.

A white dress, paired with kitten heels and a purse.

11. Lastly, we have an outfit that is the true definition of chic outfit.

This outfit is a simple combination of a white long sleeved shirt, paired with denim trousers, white kitten heels, and a white handbag.

A white shirt, paired with denim trousers, heels, and a bag.
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