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Early morning preachers have made my life miserable-Social media user

Living in Nigeria, one is faced with a whole baggage of challenges however, it appears as though the tougher challenges we are faced with, the stronger we become. Thankfully we all have our meals and give thanks to God after a successful day and wake up to repeat the same cycle, a race for survival

In a city like Lagos or Anambra where it’s the survival of the fittest, one of the major struggles of a man is getting to wake up as early as 4am to set out thirty minutes later with the hope of getting a nap while on a bus however, it appears as though the city is out to hunt you as the noise pollution fills your ears, you are visited with a headache,churning stomach coupled with your already swollen eyes

Little wonder a lot of people strive to relocate abroad while others seek refuge by changing base to other states which can offer them “peace” especially from the rush and hustle of the major cities

Amidst all this, a social media user has cried out to a social group over the issue of the early morning preachers who in a bid to proclaim the gospel to the passengers in the bus, convey their message on top of their voices and even when a mild drama resumes, they continue screaming on top of their voices as though they are not involved

Though a lover of the gospel, he cannot but seek a bit of silence especially he is paying a complete bus fare which might be the only moment to nap before getting to his destination

Whilst some preachers argue over who has a right to preach in a bus( in the case of two preachers in one vehicle), others are more bothered about the state of their health

One Chris (surname withheld) has taken to group to vent over this as he seeks help to overcome one of the major challenges he is currently faced with

His message read;

Greetings everyone. My name is Kris and I reside in Anambra.
There’s this growing trend which is affecting myself and my family – Early morning preachers.
These people have made my life a living hell.
Sometimes as early as 4:30am these people wake you up with loudspeakers.
Problem is that sometimes I get back late and sleep late and barely have enough hours to sleep before starting a new day. Sometimes my baby keeps us awake till the early hours of the morning and just when we’re about to catch some sleep, they arrive.. Sometimes 3 different groups preach at the same time.
I now have frequent headaches and have developed some form of early morning anxiety (i dread the noise of the megaphone).
Please what do I do? Is this a matter for the police(as I feel they’re disturbing public peace) or do I just see a doctor to help me cope with my sleep problems.

What advice can you give?

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