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Nigerian man says he sees drops of blood on the floor whenever his girlfriend spends the night

Below is a post by a member of a popular online forum who says he finds drops of blood on the floor every time his girlfriend comes to sleep over. According to him, h doubts it has much to do with his girlfriend because she is a prayer warrior.

Read the post below.

I had to create this account now. 

There is this girl i meet in while leaving school, I love her so much but after a while i discovered when we sleep together in the room i will see fresh human blood stain on the floor. Most times two drop of blood stains. I ask her she said she never knew how it got there. 

Leta she pointed accusing fingers to almost every one sharing the apartment with us so we started praying hoping that God will interven. 
She is a good prayer who speaks in tongue, in fact that attracted me to her, cos she prays a lot, at times in hostel she can lock her self indoors praying. 
As the year came to an end, all occupant packed out remaining just my friend and I, but still yet we still see the blood on the floor. 
Then recently i got a place in another state then invited her to come and see me that same night i saw fresh blood on the floor, in fact it continued for 3 nights she spent. 
When she left all blood stop, of recent i invited her again then it continued, I told her i won’t continue with the relationship again. 
She started accusing me of being responsible or I know something about this blood stain. She cried all through the night and slept out side 

This blood stains drop around 10:30pm to 12pm that’s what I noticed, 
I have seen her trying to check if am asleep by touching at some point. 
I have seen her looking at me at middle of night ( when got up flash touch saw fresh blood blood) 

Each night if I wake her to see it.. After discussing she will just open her leg for all night sex (she gives me sex to forget all about that) 
Before i sleep I will make sure i check every where, use net to sleep, mob the tiles, Check around for clues

But if am awake through the night no blood stains will occur. 
This blood stain is bigger than 3 mosquitoes combine, so I have ruled out the possibility of that 
It appears in same spot,at times on my power bank. 
Most times if I woke up to clean first blood… Another fresh ones drops before morning

Nigerian man says he sees drops of blood on the floor whenever his girlfriend spends the night

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