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Dressing doesn’t guarantee success – Jason Njoku

Jason Njoku, the co-founder of Iroko TV, has advised people to dress however they want.

In a series of tweets, Jason Njoku described as stupid the idea that dressing in a certain way will help one on his path to success.

He tweeted:

”Dress how you want. Banish the belief it will smoothen your path to success. That’s straight up stupidity. I know many Nigerians who investors (myself included) have beat a path to their door to invest. Iroko raised $3m in 2011 from Tiger Global from my apartment in Festac.

When investors came. Iroko was doing $70k/mth gross revenue (incl YouTube share) with 30-35% profits. We didn’t need them. @markessien
was in the Calabar when I convinced him to relocate to Lagos. He lived in my apartment. Our first msg from almost 8 years ago

In that first $3m fund raise I met Jim Ovia in his office to talk about a potential co-investment in a tee shirt + jeans. In the end we went with Tiger Global. You either have something valuable or not. It’s that simple. If you don’t. Package away and fool people.

I was talking to @akinalabi
about this the other day. He too has embraced the casual comfort approach. As a public official there are definitely obligations to appearance. But as a mere civilian don’t feel the pressure to not be you. Value is value. Fiercely focus on driving that

Had this same conversation with @EghosaO
in Dubai about how easy it is to fool Nigerian about wealth. It’s so easy because in Nigeria people believe in only what they see. Most of the people I know whom have exited their companies and personally made $50-100m dress simple. Do you”

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