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Don’t stop paying tithes and sowing seed because of coronavirus – Kenneth Copeland

kenneth copeland

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has advised people not to allow coronavirus to stop them from paying tithe and sowing seed.

Speaking on Victory Live, Kenneth Copeland stated that people should find a way to drop their tithe in Church even if they are prevented from entering.

He said: “Fear of this coronavirus is faith in its ability to hurt you or kill you. The fear of “What are we gonna do? I’m getting laid off at work!”

Hey! Your job’s not your source. If it is, you’re in trouble. Jesus is your source! Whatever you do right now, don’t you stop tithing! Don’t you stop sowing offerings.

“Well, they won’t let us go to church!”

Well, email it in, then! Text together. Something. But you get your tithe in that church if you have to go take it down there and drop it off… stick it under the door or something. You get that tithe in that church, you get that offering in that church, and then you go home and do what you’re supposed to do”.
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