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Social media is a fictitious place that could make you end in jail – Dolapo Badmus

Police public relations officer, Dolapo Badmus has warned against living ones life according to the dictates of social media. According to her, living based on the influence of social media can make one end up behind bars.

Sharing on Instagram, she narrated how she came across a guy moving to take pictures in the business class of an airplane just to pose for the gram, when he flew in the economy class.

Dolapo Badmus wrote:

”I could remember a journey I made to UAE early this year, on arrival I saw a young guy with his friend came through from Economy class and sat on a seat in the business class….Due to my curiosity I asked him “why are you taking a picture at Business class since you flew economy?” He responded “mama you don’t know what’s up, it’s called flexing..When I post this picture on gram, they will hail me that I’ve arrived” I laughed so hard and told him that could be misleading! But he shruggingly walked away!, That left me thinking of how people can fake it! If you take a cue from everything you see on social media and want to be like that, you may end up behind bars! Most of those things are not real, don’t go out of your way to commit crime just to be like someone else…..those hailing you won’t be there when the chips are down.”

Dolapo Badmus: Social media is a fictitious place that could make you end in jail

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