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Denola Grey forced to feel ‘shameful’ after been shown his old tweets

Denola Grey

Nigerian actor and acclaimed body-positivity advocate, Denola Grey has been forced to feel shameful and apologize after his old tweets were shown to him.

This is coming after a twitter user made some comments on popular British singer, Adele’s dramatic weight loss.

The user commented:

“Not everyone was created to be slim though. I prefer the chubby Adele.”

Denola replied: “stop. commenting. on. people’s. bodies.Quote Tweet”

This infuriated another user who dug into his past tweets from 9 years ago and showed him.

“Yes. And it’s deeply shameful. These tweets were made 9 years ago and do not represent how I think and feel right now. I am a full supporter of body positivity and don’t believe in fat shaming.” Denola replied remorsefully.

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