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Covid-19: “I’m traumatized,” Benue State alleged case cries out

Coronavirus in Lagos

The alleged first case of COVID-19 in Benue State, Susan Lawani has cried out to be rescued from where she has been kept isolated.

In the post she shared on Facebook, Susan stated that she does not have COVID-19 and was surprised to hear her name mentioned as an infected person.

Read her post: “I would like the whole world to please, appeal to whoever is concerned to move me out of here, am not trying to gain cheap publicity as been trendy for days on social media, I have kept my cool, but am now sick with swollen gums, being stooling throughout the night, no nurses or medical attention, my crime is that am a British who came into Nigeria particularly Benue State felt feverish took myself for check up because I have travelled longer than usual after examinations I was told by the doctor my temperature was high and I said keep me for observations as I did not experience any before I left London, passed from Lagos to Abuja my temperature was like any other passenger was being monitored by the authorities,
Back to my self presentation and request for isolation which was done I was told by the doctors that the standard procedure was to call for a test from the state ministry of health of which two gentle men came to do a throat and nose swoop, After two days by now my temperature has normalised from 38:2 to 36:4 the record are there to be verified. Only to be told by the doctor after asking why am Istill kept in the hospital, a friend now came in to tell me that a press conference is being done with my name that I have Covid-19 on air on social media without my knowledge, I went mad as a human being and demanded to see the medical director who told me he was fighting for me how, why and for what and with who I don’t understand, still fuming the next thing was armed men , ambulance and a siege round the hospital for me to be removed for what I don’t know, as someone who knows the principles of the law weather it works in Nigeria or not I can’t tell I said I was not moving without a reason, I was surrounded and to stop the embarrassment to my family and poor junior sister who I think is not fair on I went down to speak with the duty governor for thirty minutes and he assured me I was safe, will be cared for, though not sick with any symptoms, also that the following day the health commissioner and medical doctors from the state will come and see me I told him that if the state is insisting that am ill I should be taken to Abuja to be tested I have never in my life seen a staged played drama with human life and politics like this before, I want the world, Nigerians, Benue state to hear my side and verify am not a Covid-19 positive left my children behind in London they are healthy till this moment, AM CRYING OUT I NEED HELP AM TRAUMATISED, NOW SLEEPLESS FREQUENTING THE TOILET, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY BECOMING SCARED FOR MY LIFE MY CHILDREN NEED ME PLEASE WHO CAN HELP, my children are on the phone crying everyday I have only God as I speake am in BSUTH Markudi . I am SUSAN IDOKOOKPE (NEE LAWANI) I am mentally drained don’t know when this will end.this is not how to treat an innocent person.Nigerians and Britons please come to my AID”.

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