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Comedian Alibaba reveals the quickest way to kill a big dream

Nigerian stand-up comedian, Alibaba has taken to social media to disclose the quickest way to kill a big dream. According to him, the quickest way is to tell a small mind.

He also went further to urge his fans to very wary of who they open up and tell their story to.

He wrote;

”You can’t make anything out of comedy. 1987

You cannot charge 1million per event. 1998
You cannot do a 6-hour comedy show. 2012
you cannot do a show on January 1st, nobody will come. 2014

There are ideas I have shared and most of the people who said it was not possible, have owned up for bringing short-sighted.

Caveat.. not all ideas make sense.. but if you pitch an idea that has been well thought through to someone who’s thought processes are infantile, they will use their shallow minds to frown your flight of ideas.”

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