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Check out some trendsetting looks inspired by Temi Otedola

Trensetting looks inspired by Temi Otedola.

Temi Otedola is undeniably a fashion icon in her own right, and her catalogue of amazing outfits is a testament to that fact. Her style can be best described as classy and subtle, with a hint of bold statements on rare occasions. The fact that Temi Otedola is able to combine clothing pieces that would look boring on a normal day into something stunning is amazing, and that is why she will be our point of reference for trendsetting looks in this article.

The first outfit Temi Otedola can be seen wearing here is a lovely lemon green mini dress with thin sleeves that look like spaghetti straps. Apart from the plaid pattern on the dress, one other thing that catches the eye are the buttons that were strategically placed all around the neckline of the dress. These buttons made it possible for Temi Otedola to go bare necked without reducing the ambience of the dress.

Temi Otedola in a lemon green dress.

Vintage fashion is back in the market, and Temi Otedola clearly leaned into the trend by wearing this gorgeous two-piece. She wore a lemon green suit jacket, paired with a matching skirt, transparent high heels and a lemon green purse that completed the look.

Temi Otedola in a lemon green two-piece outfit.

Temi Otedola looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine in this stylish three-piece outfit. The outfit in question consists of a jacket with embroidered patterns all over it, and a matching crop top underneath, alongside a matching mini skirt. Temi Otedola also added a pair of metallic silver heels that complimented the outfit perfectly.

Temi Otedola in a three-piece outfit with embroidery designs.

In an era where denim outfits are very popular, Temi Otedola decided to tweak hers, and she ended up looking unique in a good way. She opted for a multilayered spaghetti strapped denim dress, which she paired with a cute blue mesh mini jacket that blended perfectly with the dress.

Temi Otedola in a multi-layered denim dress.

Puffer jackets are taking the fashion industry by storm, and Temi Otedola was out to show the industry how it is done when she wore this outfit. The outfit in question is a sleeveless blue turtle-necked top, paired with matching trousers, and a blue puffer jacket, which was styled to look more like an accessory, instead of a piece of clothing.

Temi Otedola in a blue turtle neck top, paired with matching trousers, and blue puffer jacket.
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