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Bisi Alimi tells people what to do concerning how they celebrate their family on social media

Bisi Alimi

Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has issued a word of advised those who will be sharing posts on the importance of family this festive period.

According to him, such people need to consider the impact their posts will have on those who have toxic families.

The gay rights activist wrote: “Since yesterday, I have been seeing posts on Facebook, instagram and twitter about the importance of families at times like this and why we should spend this time with them irrespective.

“I really do hope that the people posting this know that to many people, family is a reminder of what a toxic upbringing is. Many of us dread the thought of spending 3hrs with our families not to talk of a full day.

“I do understand your family means a lot to you, however, and not that I am censoring your post, think of what impact your post might have on some people reading it and maybe put a caveat to that post, so that many of us won’t feel guilty reading it.

“Have a happy holiday.”

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