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BBNaija’s Ifu Ennada declares money is sweeter than sex

While still on a mission to post almost a thousand pictures she took in the Maldives during a vacation a few months ago, former Big Brother Naija Housemate Ifu Ennada has declared that money is sweeter than sex.

In a post shared on Instagram, the actress said the peace of mind that money gives could not be compared to the temporary pleasure of sex.

Advising her fans to enrich themselves financially, Ifu Ennada said money, when managed well, will never leave an individual, unlike sex that will leave someone in shambles.

Taking a swipe at men, the reality star questioned why many men turn vile after a relationship breakup.

“To whom it may concern” Money is sweeter than sex. The peace of mind money gives can’t be compared to the temporary pleasure of sex. In all your getting, get money pls. When managed well, money will never leave you, but sex can leave you in shambles”.

“Dear men, you can do better. for the life of me, i could never understand men who suddenly turns devils when they fall out with a woman they claim to love. They become angry beast and desperately use vile weapons against a woman they claim they once loved. All the wile the womanis just trying to get her lofe back and move on. If love turn to hate it was never love”.

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