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Apostle Suleman attacks man who criticized his wife for giving out millions to youths

Apostle Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has replied a critic who questioned why he had to announce the charity gesture of his wife on social media.

The clergyman had taken to Twitter to announce how his wife gave out millions to help youths so they could start a business of their own after they left school.

He wrote:

“Want to appreciate my lovely wife @DrLizzySuleman for empowering 58youths yesterday with millions of naira(not loan) to start their own businesses after leaving school and staying idle for years..wise people pursue wealth but wiser ones pursue legacy…”

The post didn’t sit well with a Twitter user who questioned why he had to announce that it was millions his wife doled out.

The user tweeted:

“It’s a great thing sir, a real good deed by your wife. Remember however what Matt 6:3 instructs. There was no need to mention the fact that it was in millions. The deed was done outside social media, you could have also express your appreciation same way”.

Apostle Suleman responded by pointing out that since the man believes there is no need for churches to make such announcement, then there shouldn’t be a need for people to complain that Churches don’t help people.

“But there is need to mention that churches are not helping people right?…” , he tweeted.

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