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Alleged quack surgeon, Dr Anu Fella opens up on being a ritualist

Dr Anu
Dr Anu Fella

Embattled alleged cosmetic surgeon, Dr Anu Fella of Med contour Medical and Laser Hospital in Lagos, has opened up on rumours and allegations levied against her by social media users.

One of those who accused the Dr of negligence and trying to kill her was Omotola Taiwo aka Omohtee, a popular social media influencer.

In a recent interview with’s Abisola Alawode Dr Anu revealed how she was blackmailed by a popular blogger.

Speaking during the interview, she said;

“As at the time Omohtee said her but cheeks was numb and not the same, she was 4 months post op. At first, skin numbness is normal post-surgery. For some people it takes longer, it depends on your body. However, with proper post-operative care, that should not last for long. You are supposed to have surgery massage that will stimulate your blood vessels; it also helps with tissue profusion.

Some patients are not able to do all of this because of financial constraints or distance. We tell them what to do and they tell us we have someone who can do this for me at home and then they go home and you have some that you tell not to sit for two weeks or two months and you find them sitting, you tell patients you cannot drink or smoke and they go behind your back and do all these things.

Once this happens, they have delayed healings and say it is the fault of the doctor. If only Omohtee came to us to complain about issues she was having. She never told us her abdomen was numb, we found out on social media. She came back to us once to complain about the size of her butt cheeks and we tell our patients that no two parts are the same and even if you think there is a difference, it is not noticeable and you need to give it time.

All we needed to do was reassure her if she came to us about these issues but we heard about them like anybody else on social media and we needed to educate the public about what truly happened. We have no patient die on our table. In the history of our operation, we have never had any patient die on our table.”

On getting Omohtee arrested and FCCPC shutting down her clinic she said;

“Yes, I got her arrested because all she posted about me made FCCPC come to my clinic and shut it down. FCCPC without trying to call, or checking if those things were true just acted on what they saw on social media. They did no investigation. They even addressed me as Dr Anu Fella. My name is not Dr Anu Fella. I reported this to the Nigerian Medical Association and they have written to them. FCCPC also told them I was not a registered doctor and the NMA denied this.”

On rumours that she does rituals on her patients she said;

“Only a gullible person will believe that. First, our parents are awake for surgery. We do not put patients to sleep. Secondly, how is it possible to do such a thing when you have nurses, anaesthesiologists, and other people there and then you start taking blood and other body products for rituals? The only time we ever do anything to a patient is to shave the patient because that is important. We advise patients to shave themselves, and if they do not, the nurses help them. But if they do not want to do that at all, its fine. We also ask them to remove their artificial nails on their thumb and index fingers. Blood is only taken when we need to do pre op investigation and that is done way before surgery is done.”

On the allegations by Gistlover she said;

“This blogger has been going on and on about me. People should be suspicious about why Gistlover seems to be particularly focused on me. I have proof to show that from the first video, this blogger blackmailed me. He or she asked me to pay N2 million to make the story go away and support my brand. I did not pay; it was reduced to N1.5 million. The moment I refused to make that payment, I woke up the next morning to see all the negative things they posted. They blogger is trying to show people that they are helping them when all they say is total nonsense.”

On having an herbalist and belonging to a fetish society she said;

“What will be my reason for doing all of that, will I say I’m looking for blood money or something? My profession pays me a lot and I am very comfortable. I have no reason to go down that route. What I do, I have the demand for it. I don’t even have my pastor’s number not to talk of going to a herbalist. I am a Christian and I do not believe in such.”

On her mum always settling police she said;

“Is my mum the governor? Is anyone above the law? No one is above the law. If I have done anything wrong, no matter the position of my mother, she will not be able to do anything about it. I do not get her involved in my matter because I do not want to stress her. Apart from my case with the FCCPC, I do not have any police case that will involve my mother. I can handle my own issues.”

Dr Anu concluded the interview saying;

I just wish all this will go away. I want all the negativity to go away seeing that I did not do all the things I am accused of. I’ve not been able to share my own side of the story because my profession does not allow me to. I also see a lot of people saying I do not show any sympathy but the truth is as a Dr, you are meant to be emphatic and not sympathetic towards things. So you cannot exactly show emotions. It doesn’t mean that I do not feel what others feel, it doesn’t mean that I do not feel their pain. At the end of the day, I am a mother as well and I will pray never to lose my own children so why would I want anyone to go through that pain. I wish that patient never died, I wish Omohtee contacted us and we were able to reassure her before she went on social media.

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