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Akin Alaba reveals how he started Nairabet, advises youths on depression

CEO of Nairabet, Akin Alabi has revealed that he started doing business at age 26 in 2003 and founded the sports betting company when he was just 32 years old.

Lending a word of advice to youths who are falling depressed due to their inability to make it at their early age, Akin Alabi tweeted:

“I started business in 2003. I was 26. I was 32 when we founded @NairaBET. Today, some teenagers and those in their early twenties are depressed because they have not yet “succeeded”. Calm down. You have time.

“The business I started when I was 26 was an information marketing business that cost N3,500 to set up. Today, you need about N20,000 to set it up but if you want to move quickly, N50,000 will be okay”.

He also advised many that feeding shouldn’t be an issue in their life as long as they are able bodied.

“If you are able bodied and you are not proud, finding a job to feed is not hard”.

Akin Alabi
Akin Alabi
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