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Affordable and meaningful gift ideas for your partner

It is the season of love, and it is customary for lovers to exchange gifts with each other. This article is here to help people curate thoughtful gifts for ladies without breaking the bank. Highlighted below are gifts you can give your lover without spending too much money.

1 Scented candles: As basic as this sounds, scented candles are one of the most unique and thoughtful gifts you can give a loved one. It will cost you less money, and since candle makers are getting more creative these days, you are rest assured to get a beautiful piece.

2 Books: It is important to study your partner, and if the person is a bookworm, then get that person a book which they have always wanted to read, paired with a short note on the front page. You can also include a decorated bookmarker that will make your gift look aesthetically pleasing.

3 Skincare products: Before you tuck your tail and run because of the price of skincare in Nigeria, please note that you don’t have to get the whole set for your lover. You can just get one item for your lover, wrap it in a tiny gift box, and it’ll still serve as a thoughtful gift.

4 Artwork: The price range for artwork is very vast, and there’ll definitely be something within your price range that you can afford. A piece of artwork will serve as a constant reminder for your thoughtfulness whenever they look at it. Please note the artwork doesn’t have to be a painting of herself because some people find it to be tacky. You can get something cute like a silhouette figure or even nature painting.

5 Jewelry: This choice of gift is as old as time, and it doesn’t fail to impress. When gifting someone jewelry, make sure that you study the person’s personal style before you make your choice. Some people like dainty jewelry, while others like bold ones, so make sure not to mix it up.

6 Perfume: This is the final boss of affordable gift items, but you need a good nose in order to achieve a good result. Perfumes come in different prices, and regardless of how cheap they are, some are still very good. Pick one that smells like a million bucks and gift it to your lover.

The bottomline of this article is, if you have good taste, you don’t need to break the bank in order to buy a gift for someone. Expensive things doesn’t buy class or taste, and in fact, a lot of these pricey gifts are sometimes tacky, but because they have popular name brands, people often go for them. 

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