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A Bridgerton affair: Reviewing some celebrity outfits at the Bridgerton movie premiere in South Africa

The Bridgerton premiere in South Africa was a fusion of fashion and culture, with tribute duly paid to the medieval times that the movie was set in.

Nigerian celebrities were invited there, and they showed up in flamboyant outfits.

This article will be reviewing some celebrity outfits that were worn to the premiere.

First on the list is television host Ebuka, who showed up looking like a Duke from Bridgerton in a white tailcoat. The tailcoat came with matching trousers, a topper hat, and a spy glass.

Ebuka’s outfit was respectful to the theme of the movie itself, but it also had a few modern elements to it that made the outfit look unique.

Ebuka in a white medieval tailcoat.

Nollywood actor Kunle Remi took the Yoruba culture, all the way to South African for the Bridgerton premiere.

He wore a Yoruba attire called ‘Agbada’, and it was made from brocade material. He also carried a ceremonial scarf that matched the outfit perfectly.

Although Kunle Remi looked amazing in his outfit, it didn’t deter the fact that his outfit didn’t match the theme of the premiere.

Kunle Remi in an 'Agbada' attire.

Actor and podcast host Taymesan stepped onto the Bridgerton premiere red carpet, looking sharp in a dual colored suit. He added a topper hat, and a ceremonial walking stick that matched the outfit.

Oh a scale of one to ten, Taymesan’s outfit scored a four because although the suit was vintage, it didn’t represent medieval times.

Taymesan in a tux.

Osas Ighodaro showed up in a stunning silk dress with a corset top that had faux flower attached to the front. The dress also had puffy sleeves, and a short cape at the back.

Although the dress looked stunning, it clearly belongs to the 1960’s, where jazz music was prevalent, and broadway shows were starting to get recognition.

Osas Ighodaro in a silk number.

Priscilla Ojo referred to herself as the ‘Diamond of the season’, and she told no lies. Her dress made her look like she stepped out of the memories of a medieval seamstress.

Although the dress perfectly matched the Bridgerton theme, there was a little hitch with the train, where there was a green chiffon material attached to make it look longer. The fair didn’t need to be there because it dented the illusion of a medieval dress.

Priscilla Ojo in a proper medieval dress.

Sharon Ooja’s dress was undeniably pretty, but it showed low effort in terms of creativity, as there was no semblance of a Bridgerton inspired theme on her dress.

The dress looked like it belonged on a red carpet for a modern day movie premiere, and not Bridgerton’s.

Sharon Ooja in a purple dress.

Actress Idia Aisen’s dress made her look like a princess from a fairy tale, and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Despite the fact that she looked like a princess, her dress still missed her whole point. The theme was Bridgerton, and not Cinderella.

Idia Aisen in a gorgeous ballroom dress.

Hilda Baci looked ethereal in her gorgeous lilac dress with floral designs. The dress had one sleeve, which had tiny designs attached to it.

It is an undisputed fact that Hilda Baci’s dress to the movie premiere looks amazing, but the timeline calculated during her designer’s creative session must’ve been mixed up. The times in which the Bridgerton movie was set wouldn’t allow one sleeve, as it would be more scandalous than Lady Whisteldon’s letters.

Apart from the sleeves, Hilda Baci’s dress paid homage to the Bridgerton movie.

Hilda Baci in a lovely purple dress.

Comedian Kie-Kie showed up to the premiere, looking like Queen Charlotte herself. From her elaborate up-do hairstyle, down to her embroidered hall gown, Kie-Kie embodies the Bridgerton fantasy.

Kie-Kiein a stunning orange colored dress.

Lilly Afe showed up in a ballroom dress made from brilliant hues that blended perfectly with her skin. The top part was made from a pink, blue and green material that clashed perfectly against the lower part, which was made from brown. It looked amazing on her, and matched the theme of the movie premiere.

Lily Afe in a beautiful dress.

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