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9 Coloured Blazers to change your work outfit

Colored Blazers

A blazer is a style of jacket that resembles a suit jacket but has several distinguishing features. Blazers range from traditional and conservative to trendy and flashy, yet they are easily identified. Blazers are often solid colours and were originally worn to indicate membership in an organization, although almost anyone can now wear them.

Most people envision a navy blue double-breasted jacket with gold buttons and a crest when they think of blazers, yet a blazer can exist without these components.

Blazers can be single-breasted or double-breasted, with plastic or horn buttons, and come in a variety of hues ranging from bright red to deep purple. Blazers are clothes that can be worn with dress pants, jeans, or skirts and are still used in many uniforms.

Individuals that thrive in their respective fields are given the most desirable blazers. The green jacket worn by Masters champion golfers is a blazer, and football players elected into the Hall of Fame wear special gold blazers.

I cannot overstate how vital a blazer is to fashion. It is one of the must-haves among other wardrobe-essentials.

If you know basic methods to look different with one jacket, you can wear it more than four ways.

However, while selecting a blazer, choose colours that complement the rest of your attire. Blue, red, black, and pastel colours basically go with anything.

See different coloured blazers to choose from:

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