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7 powerful African queens in history you need to know

There are important women who were African leaders and played significant roles in the history of the continent, especially during pre and post-British colonial era.

They include:

  1. Amina the Queen of Zaria Nigeria: Amina Mohamud was a Hausa warrior queen of the city-state Zazzau, which is presently in the North-West region of Nigeria. Her leadership skills were discovered early by her grandfather who allowed her to attend state meetings.

Historians described her as one of the real rulers born in the mid-sixteenth century.

  1. Kandake – the empress of Ethiopia: Kandake or Candace was regarded as one of the most dreaded war generals of her time. Historians said she was known to be a fierce, tactical and uniting military leader.
  2. Makeda – The Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia: Makeda was renowned as a queen of incredible strength, after surviving a battle with the serpent king Awre.
  3. Nefertiti – Queen of Ancient Kemet, Egypt: Nefertiti was an Egyptian Queen and the Great Royal Wife (chief consort) of Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh. With her husband, she oversaw what was arguably the wealthiest period of Ancient Egyptian history.
  4. Yaa Asantewa – Ashanti Kingdom, Ghana: Asantewa was the queen mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire – now part of modern-day Ghana. In 1900, she led the Ashanti war known as the War of the Golden Stool, also known as the Yaa Asantewaa war, against British colonials.
  5. Queen Nandi – Zulu kingdom, South Africa: Queen Nandi was resilient as a mother and the hope against social pressures. She was the mother of Shaka Zulu, one of the Zulu kingdom’s greatest kings. According to historians, during the reign of her son, she had significant influence over the affairs of the kingdom.
  6. Queen Moremi – Ile-Ife Kingdom, Nigeria: Queen Moremi was a courageous queen who is fabled to have contributed to the deliverance of the Yoruba tribe from oppression.
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