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5 lies ladies tell to make a man like them!!!

Ladies I am so sorry for bursting out our secrets! In one way or the other, we are indeed as guilt as charged! We have all told a few lies or the other especially when we have just met a great guy that we intend to keep winks. Well you could say the lies are not exactly lies or, they are white lies but they are lies winks

1 . Oh, it’s just my ex

When you’re getting to know a guy, you pretend a few times when you
get a text or call that it’s your ex. You say it in a dismissive,
slightly annoyed way like “Ugh. Why can’t he just get over me already?!”
to show the guy ‘you like’ that other men have been crazy about you.
While that may be true — at this point it’s all for show! Just admit who the real caller is…your sister,friend or anybody.
Lack of self-awareness is never a positive quality.

2. I do care

He is talking about art, or movies, or sports or something that you
could not care (or know) less about. But you pull whatever small
knowledge you have on it out, and a little acting to seem
enthusiastic so that he won’t realize that his biggest passion is
something you feel nothing about. But you can’t hide that for long. You
certainly can’t hide it for an entire relationship. And let’s admit the
truth — you’re truly bored.

3. I’m not sensitive

You make jokes about being insensitive. If a friend (or the guy you
like) complains about something, you say “you’re problem, not mine.” 
When he cancels on you, it’s totally cool or It’s Ok, I wasn’t hurt, I understand, and the likes. In fact, everything is
“totally cool” in the beginning. But eventually, you realize that you
don’t appreciate having a guy cancel on you, or forget to call,
consistently over a long period of time. That’s cool.

4. I have tons of guys friends

You want the guy you like to think you understand men. So, you lie that your ‘one
male friend who you maybe hang out with every two months is suddenly
your best friend. And you have a lot of stories of fun things
you and that friend did together. But you were hoping it was something
special — and he was enjoying the fact that it was not.

 #5. I like lots of personal space
You don’t want him to worry that you’ll be texting him
constantly or bugging him. You want to make it seem like you have your own life and
maybe you do have a very full life of you own but, let’s be real. When you fall for someone, you just want to be with them.


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