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5 Fashion rules that every groom should follow

Fashion Rules That Every Groom Should Follow

Let’s look at some important fashion rules that every groom should follow…

Often, the bride outshines the groom in terms of fashion. While we completely understand, the wedding day is also the best day of the groom’s life, and he deserves to look his best! Even grooms are concerned about what to wear on their wedding day. This is why we’ve compiled a list of key fashion rules to help any groom stand out and transform your special day from tacky to glamorous.

Allow these 5 rules to guide you when deciding what to wear as a groom…

1. Match your wedding’s formality

Fashion rules that every groom should follow

When deciding what to wear, keep the wedding theme in mind. Is it going to be a traditional wedding, a beach wedding, or a destination wedding? What is the formality of your wedding? Your attire should be as consistent as possible with the theme, decor, and overall wedding ambience of the ceremony.

2. Make sure your attire complements your partner’s

Fashion rules that every groom should follow

This is extremely important. Your wedding day has arrived, and all eyes are on you both. You must not only look your best, but you must also bring out the best in each other’s outfits. While there is a superstition about seeing your wife in her dress beforehand, a sneak peek wouldn’t hurt anyone as you try to compliment her appearance.

3. Keep in mind that fit is king

Fashion rules that every groom should follow

The age-old fashion golden guideline! Your suit should neither be so tight that you can’t breathe, nor should it be so large that you’re hardly seen in it. Make sure your attire is comfy and fits well. Customize it!

4. Match your groomsmen’s clothes

Fashion rules that every groom should follow

Your clothing should be a combination of your bride’s, groomsmen’s, and personal touch of your own. When used correctly, this combination will contribute to a very coherent and visually appealing overall wedding design.

5. Don’t forget about the shoes

Fashion rules that every groom should follow

Your shoes are by far one of the most ignored aspects of your outfit, despite their importance. Given that the day will be long and full of activity and dancing, you should choose shoes that will make the entire process easier. You want to be able to enjoy your day without being bothered by ill-fitting shoes.

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