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17 Things to watch out for this Detty December – Joro Olumofin

1⃣If she uses an android phone. Means she hasn’t succumbed to todays iPhone pressure. Marry her, she’s a good wife material. 
2⃣Ladies, BEWARE Detty December doesn’t end till January 30 don’t believe any guy who says new year new me.
3⃣Ladies, If he doesn’t pick his phone past 10pm he’s probably married with 4 children.
4⃣Fellas, don’t send a lady ticket money to come to your location. Buy the ticket yourself online. Some ladies collect ticket money from 5 guys at once and don’t show up to any location. 
5⃣Fellas. Beware of IJGB girls, they have about 10 Magas on ground. Don’t be 1 of the Magas.
6⃣If your boyfriend is trying to pick a fight with you this Christmas kill him with kindness because he wants to have an excuse to say we were fighting when I cheated. 
7⃣Ladies, when you go to a guys house before you remove your shoes & feel comfortable, Check under his bed, back of his curtain for JUJU.
8⃣Fellas, if she has had VIP tickets to every concert this December my brother she’s your Elder ,tread carefully. 
9⃣Ladies, If he invites you to sleep over at his place and you’re not ready for sex. Please don’t go. Not all guys have self control. 🔟Fellas, If she follows you out on a date without makeup she’s bae. Wife her.
1⃣1⃣Fellas, don’t take sexual enhancement pills without being sure of a lady coming to your place. 12 hour erection without a lady coming leads to emotional and physical trauma.
1⃣2⃣Ladies, if you didn’t get valentines , birthday, Easter, Independence Day or December gift leave him in 2019.
1⃣3⃣Fellas, if she says I’m on the last day of my period let’s do it raw. Run fast for your life. #Trap 
1⃣4⃣If you invite her for church service this festive period and she doesn’t show. Leave her in 2019 
1⃣5⃣Ladies, don’t lend any guy money because he has a fine car. That car is probably not for him & he wants to use your money to carry another girl out. 
1⃣6⃣If she lives in Ajah, Jakande, Lekki 5th round about, costain, magodo, wuse 2 your demon moves won’t work on her find another victim 
1⃣7⃣Fellas, if your girlfriend sings bye bye to Yeye boyfriend. She’s leaving you in 2019.

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