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12 times Osas Ighodaro slayed the fashion game like a Queen

Osas Ighodaro slaying the fashion game like a Queen.

Nollywood actress Osas Ighodaro is known for her amazing style of dressing, with fashion awards to polish off her portfolio as a fashionista.

The crux of this article is disseminating some of her best fashion looks yet.

Corporate outfits

Dressed in a gorgeous neon green two-piece suit that was paired with a pink bralette, Osas Ighodaro looked ready to take over the world of fashion.

Osas Ighodaro in a corporate outfit.

Two-piece outfits

The first two-piece outfit Osas Ighodaro wore here is a lovely ‘Adire’ number, that consists of a top with puffy sleeves, and a dress shirt collar. This top was paired with a mermaid style skirt that had a short train behind.

Osas Ighodaro in a two-piece ‘Adire’.

Secondly, we have Osas Ighodaro in a hot orange number that consist of a top that was styled into a single rosette and paired with fitted matching pants.

Osas Ighodaro in an orange-colored two-piece outfit.

Thirdly, we have a lovely blue top, with frills at the top, and a spiderweb design by each rib, and two embroidered lines in front. Paired with this top were a pair of matching trousers, with similar designs.

Osas Ighodaro in a blue two-piece outfit.

Tie and dye outfits are making it back to the fashion industry, and Osas Ighodaro just taught us how to style it. She wore it as a loose fitted two-piece, consisting of a short-sleeved button-up shirt, and matching pants.

Osas Ighodaro in a tie and dye two-piece.

Last on the list for two-piece outfits is this gorgeous metallic dark green outfit. The outfit in question consists of an off-shoulder top, which was tucked into a knee-length skirt, and a white pair of high heels.

Osas Ighodaro in a metallic green two-piece.

Traditional dresses

The first traditional dress Osas Ighodaro wore here is a green lace dress, with slim cut outs at the top, which had tiny pearls lined where there was skin showing. As for the skirt of the dress, it has a silk lined waistline, with lace material dropping below her ankles.

Osas Ighodaro in a green traditional dress.

Secondly, we have Osas Ighodaro in a red dress that had a constructed corset that extended below her waist. The top has exaggerated puffy sleeves that added to the ambience of the dress. While the top had a lot of drama going on, the skirt was simple, with no elaborate design attached.

Osas Ighodaro in a red traditional dress.

Simple dresses

First on the list is a gorgeous Hollywood style red dress that has only one sleeve. The neckline was fully studded, which gave the dress a more refined look.

Osas Ighodaro in a Hollywood style red dress.

Secondly, we have a lovely satin maxi dress with butterfly style embroidery in front.

Osas Ighodaro in a satin maxi dress.

Thirdly, we have Osas Ighodaro in a Greek-style dress that has one sleeve, and a rumpled exterior.

Osas Ighodaro in a Greek-style dress.

In this last picture, Osas Ighodaro can be seen wearing a stunning fitted maxi dress, with a cute cut out around the chest area.

Osas Ighodaro in a fitted maxi dress.
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