Waje’s P.A, Yvonne Imongan spills more tea in new interview

Yvonne Imongan the former P.A of singer Waje, has sat down for an exclusive with Tope Delano of as she opened up more on what really happened between her and Waje.

Read excerpts below;

Tell us your side of the story?

I have worked with her for a month. Today makes it a month I started working with her. When I got the job, initially she told me I was on probation, but she didn’t tell me I wasn’t going to be paid. She told me I was going to have 50,000 for my first payment and after six months, she was going to increase my salary. I started working with her and in between fell sick. I normally had ulcer. Working with there was very stressful but I didn’t complain about the stress, because it was my first time working as personal assistant. When I started the job, I feel sick and had internal bleeding because of the Ulcer. She ordered for me to be taken to the hospital but there was no support. I kept mute about it. My friends encouraged me to quit my job but I didn’t listen and kept working. Before that, I wasn’t aware that I was going to write an exam, because I am a graduate. I got the information from my parents, telling me I was going to write an international exam. I begged for the date to be shifted because I need to work, and it being my first month, I was expected to be active. It was then shifted. I asked her for a couple of days off for the exam but she replied no, adding that she couldn’t compromise. She also asked me if it was convenient for me. I told her that presently it wasn’t convenient because I had a lot of things to do, but I wasn’t quiting my job. I wanted to be able to study and work, because I worked through all the busy schedules. She told me to go home, but I didn’t go home immediately because I was confused. When I eventually got home, I sent her a message asking her if I would get paid for the work I had done and she said “no, my dear”, because I was on probation.

Did she mention that being on probation included being paid?
No. She told me the salary was going to be 50,000. If she had told me I wasn’t going to be paid, I wouldn’t have asked for salary at the end of the month. When she told me yesterday that I wasn’t going to be paid at the end of the month, I was surprised. I wouldn’t have even come out on air, if this was discussed. The reason I came out was because people started calling me yesterday as regards her post. I wasn’t even aware about it until then. Her comment about “Nigerian youths are lazy” was what made me to come out. A lot of us like this that such a thing has happened, but nobody was ready to speak. I just want to raise my voice to say that we are not maids, but people’s children. As i am speaking to you right now, I am very emotional about it. All that is hurting me is the risk I took, the late nights, and the times I was unable to take care of myself. The money is the least of the problem. I wake up 5.30 am every morning to be able to make it to work.

What exam were you expected to write?
It was IELTS exam.

When was the exact date of the exam?
The first scheduled date was 18th of August. The new date is 25 of August. It is a very tedious exam.

Can you give the list of the other PAs she mentioned in her post?
I wasn’t aware there were 3 other people before me.

Was there any other time she did something of similar nature to you?
When I was sick, she instructed for me to be taken to the hospital and also voluntarily said she was going to get back to us. I never told her to give me money for my hospital bill. She got to know because I was expected to be at work the next morning, but I was vomiting blood all through the night. I told her I was too weak to come to work. She immediately called me and had me taken to the hospital, but that was all. I didn’t hear from her again. She had to tell someone close to me to take me to the hospital

Was this after she promised to take you to the hospital?
Yes. After I told her I wouldn’t be able to return to work that day.

Can you tell us a bit about her personality?
All I can say is that she was a nice person, I don’t know what went wrong.

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